Meet Our Team

31 Team Members
  • Henry Mentz, M.D.

    Henry Mentz, M.D.

    Plastic Surgeon

    Dr. Henry Mentz is a triple board-certified plastic surgeon in Houston, TX who focuses on blending techniques for natural-looking rejuvenation.

  • Dr. Olivier Deigni

    Dr. Olivier Deigni

    Plastic Surgeon

    Dr. Deigni is a fully trained plastic surgeon who is the ACPS Fellow for 2017 – 2018 performing cosmetic plastic surgery and nonsurgical procedures.

  • AnaLisa Cole

    AnaLisa Cole

    Patient Coordinator

    AnaLisa Cole serves as the patient coordinator for The Aesthetic Center for Plastic Surgery and handles the practice’s social media marketing.

  • Dora Murillo

    Dora Murillo

    Medical Skin Care Specialist

    Dora Murillo is a technician in the Aesthetic Center for Plastic Surgery MedSpa in Houston as a skin care specialist and licensed massage therapist.

  • Jeremy D. Hartling

    Jeremy D. Hartling

    Director of Marketing

    Jeremy Hartling is the officer manager for the Aesthetic Center for Plastic Surgery in Houston and the director of marketing for Dr. Henry Mentz.

  • Marjorie Vela

    Marjorie Vela

    Assistant Administrator

    Marjorie Vela is the assistant administrator to triple board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Henry Mentz at the Aesthetic Center for Plastic Surgery.

  • Miriam Lopez

    Miriam Lopez

    Medical Skin Care Specialist

    Miriam Lopez is a medical skin care specialist at the MedSpa of the Aesthetic Center for Plastic Surgery in for Dr. Henry Mentz in Houston.

  • Veronica Mellott

    Veronica Mellott

    Medical Assistant

    Veronica Mellott is a medical assistant for triple board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Henry Mentz at the Aesthetic Center for Plastic Surgery.

  • Ashley Rivera

    Ashley Rivera

    Medical Assistant

  • Avilene Orozco

    Avilene Orozco

    Medical Assistant

  • Christine Craig

    Christine Craig

    RN, FNP

    Since 2016, Christy Craig has dedicated her career as a registered nurse and a family nurse practitioner at The Aesthetic Center for Plastic Surgery.

  • Cindy Solis

    Cindy Solis

    Spa Receptionist

  • Claudia Reyes

    Claudia Reyes

    Medical Assistant

  • Hanna


    Spa Front Desk Coordinator

  • Ingrid


    Assistant to Kelli

  • Elsa Casares

    Elsa Casares

    Medical Assistant

  • Jasmine Gallo

    Jasmine Gallo

    Medical Assistant

  • Johana


    Front Desk Coordinator

  • Kelli Hecker

    Kelli Hecker


    Kelli Hecker joined our team at ACPS in 2015 and earned a nurse practitioner degree at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston.

  • Jennifer Higginbotham

    Jennifer Higginbotham

    Digital Marketing Manager

    Our digital marketing manager, Jennifer Higginbotham, enjoys creating new, creative content for Dr. Mentz and ACPS for our social media platforms.

  • Lauren Ramos

    Lauren Ramos

    Nurse Injector

  • Florencia


    Medical Assistant

  • Mona Flores

    Mona Flores

    Call Center

    Working at the front desk and in the call center of our plastic surgery practice is Mona Flores. She recently moved back to Houston from California.

  • Zoya


    Medical Assistant

  • Stephanie Pina

    Stephanie Pina

    Check-Out Billing Coordinator

  • Leslie Vargas

    Leslie Vargas

    Medical Assistant

  • Carrie Spellious

    Carrie Spellious

    Medical Assistant

  • Beverly Poulton

    Beverly Poulton

    Spa Representative

  • Daisy Tavira

    Daisy Tavira

    Check-Out Coordinator

  • Michi Newall

    Michi Newall

    Nurse Injector

  • Sandra


    Medical Assistant