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Dr. Henry Mentz is a triple board-certified plastic surgeon in Houston who improves the appearance of the face by using implants to create a more balanced and proportionate look with chin and cheek implants. A cheek implant can enhance cheeks by giving them a more prominent and sculpted look and by restoring a youthful fullness to this area. In the aging process, the face loses the fat which helps to keep it looking smooth and supple, while other areas of the body tend to gain it. A chin implant will give the chin added definition for a more balanced appearance between facial features. A chin implant can help the nose to look more proportionate on the face and it can create a more defined contour between the chin and neck. 

Surgical Technique

To give the cheeks a look that appears more naturally sculpted and full, Dr. Mentz prefers to restore volume to this area through the use of either cosmetic fillers or cell enriched fat grafts. If fat grafting is the chosen method, he will take fat that has been liposuctioned from other areas of the body and inject it into the cheeks to resculpt their appearance. To provide definition to the chin, Dr. Mentz uses either a chin implant or fat grafts obtained from liposuctioning other areas of the body.


Patients will have mild to moderate bruising and discomfort for 1-2 days after their surgery as they follow a liquid-only diet. Dr. Mentz will give each patient specific instructions based on their surgery, but it may include antibiotics, drains, and compression garments. Most patients will need 1-2 weeks before they can return to normal activities and 6-8 weeks before exercise can be resumed.


Dr. Henry Mentz's Plastic Surgery Price List

Multiple procedures will reduce the costs for anesthesia and facility time.  Please be aware that the prices listed below are for an estimate of fees only and that you will need a consultation to confirm any pricing.

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$5,000 - $6,000
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4-6 Weeks
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1-2 Hours
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Facial Implants FAQs

Other Face Surgeries?

A patient may choose to have this procedure in conjunction with a facelift or rhinoplasty to create an overall more youthful look. Implants may also be combined with nonsurgical facial injections like BOTOX and Juvéderm.

Before Surgery?

To ensure a smooth surgery and optimal healing, patients should stop smoking, taking aspirin, and avoid certain other prescription and herbal medications. Patients should also remain well-hydrated before and after their surgery. Be sure to arrange for a responsible adult to drive you  and care for you after your surgery. 


To minimize the appearance of scarring after facial implant surgery, Dr. Mentz makes his surgical incisions in areas of the face where they either won’t be visible or they will blend into the skin. For chin implants, the incision is usually made inside the mouth and cheek implants can be inserted through incisions in the mouth or around the eyes.

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