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Due to an erosion of facial fat which becomes pronounced as we enter our 40s, the face becomes more lean and hollow in its structure, so that the cheeks, temples and under eye areas often become more sunken and hollow in appearance. This loss of fat causes the skeletal structure of the face to more visible, and the skin sagging and wrinkling increases because it has less underlying support to maintain a supple firm structure. Because restoration of facial volume is a key component of the process to create a more youthful appearance, board-certified Houston plastic surgeon Dr. Henry Mentz may recommend stem-cell enriched fat grafting to fill in wrinkles and to rebuild the contours that characterize a younger face. Dr. Mentz utilizes stem-cell enriched fat grafting to restore the fullness and soft contours that resemble a younger, youthful face. 

Surgical Technique

In the stem cell-enriched fat-grafting procedure, fat is liposuctioned from areas such as the buttocks, thighs, or abdomen. Dr. Mentz uses a special process to concentrate the stem cells in the fat. This stem-cell rich fat is then injected into the areas where volume enhancement is desired.


The recovery time from liposuction will depend on the amount of fat that has been removed. Dr. Mentz will go over your specific recovery timeline and recommendations during your consultation and before your discharge. The areas of the face that receive the fat injections will be most likely be bruised, swollen, and tender for the first week, but you should be able to return to normal activities in 1-2 weeks.


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Multiple procedures will reduce the costs for anesthesia and facility time.  Please be aware that the prices listed below are for an estimate of fees only and that you will need a consultation to confirm any pricing.

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Fat Grafting FAQs

Benefits of Fat Grafting?

The benefits of stem-cell enriched fat grafting

  • May rejuvenate the skin’s tone and texture
  • Produces a natural appearance
  • Long-lasting
  • Low risk of allergic reaction because fat comes from patient’s own body

How Fat Helps?

Fat grafting can be used to renew and enhance the look of other areas of the body. For instance, like the face, the hands can show visible signs of aging due to sun exposure and a loss of fat. Fat grafting can be used to restore a youthful look to the hands by reducing the appearance of tendons, veins, and bones.

Stem Cells?

Stem cells have the ability to regenerate themselves and repair damaged tissues in the body. Due to this characteristic, the cells may also have the power to revitalize the skin’s tone and texture. In addition, stem cells can enhance the survival rate of fat though these benefits have not been proven.

Stem Cells and Fat Grafting?

Fat grafting has been a part of plastic surgery for decades. Dr. Mentz has been actively working with the nation’s leading stem-cell researchers to advance powerful characteristics of stem cells to increase facial rejuvenation benefits of fat grafting. Current research is being conducted with the Houston company Ingeneron.

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